Hello World

Well hello there. My name is, erm, well you can call me Ives for the time being.

I am a student, a writer and I guess you could call me an artist (although I still don’t know if I would call myself that quiet yet). Today marks two important things in my life. First, it is the last day of my semester abroad in Barcelona. I will be returning to start summer school promptly before my senior year. I have been a fan and researcher of graffiti and street art as long as I can remember. And thus, this marks the second important part of this day. Today is the day that I take to the streets, producing my own work for the world to see.

As I said I am a student, both in theory and practice. I take classes but I also try to learn about the world around me and study what I truly believe. As the posts continue hopefully you will begin to see the views that I chosen.

As far as my intent goes, in no way to I want to become famous or become regarded as an important artist. My only hope is that somehow I can make a few people smile, or at least stop and think. I do not intend to damage any private property if at all possible, and almost everything I do will be perishable. Some of my pieces will be about love and happiness and strength, while others will touch on darker issues that I have encountered in my life.

If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask.

Now about this piece, I call it “Is it obvious?” It stems from the idea of new love, first contact. When you meet someone new, before the flaws and the pettiness has all been exposed, there is a brief period where everything is perfect. A time where the new love you have just radiates off of you and shines through your soul. Yes, it may sound a little bit trite, but if you have that feeling you know what I am talking about that. This piece is about that feeling. I hung it off a balcony from a empty apartment using tape and yarn. I don’t expect it will last for very long considering the materials, but it is also out of reach unless you really try to get at it.

Hope you enjoy. ( More photos of this project in the photo section)


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