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Just Because You’re in a Suit

Doesn’t make you a man. Doesn’t make you even human.

That is what this piece is about. What makes a human a human? What I am really saying is what makes a human moral? Some of the worse crimes in the world are committed by men in business suits, carrying large brief cases.

Enron. Madoff. Bear Stearn. Apple. Need I go on?

I would appreciate any feedback.  More pictures in the picture section


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Baz the Luhrmann

To change the rules again. Sometimes I will be updating the site with just other artistic expressions I like. Today you get a video.

 – is an artist (well really just some guy) that likes to make trailers for films or collection of films. He is doing some really great stuff so I thought I would send you his way.

Here is a link to one of my more favorite.

The above is a collection of the work by Baz Luhrmann, the director of such films as Romeo and Juliet, Moulin Rouge, Australia and will soon be completing his interpretation of The Great Gatsby.

You can get to his page from that link too, let me know what you think.

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Bear out, Sellout

A few days ago I put up a piece on the bridge that connects downtown Pittsburgh to Station Square. I really liked the placement because it seems like a high traffic sort of place, yet I am not sure too many of the rubberneckers would feel strongly enough to remove. What do you know, visited it last night and it was still up. I got all warm and fuzzy inside.

Unfortunetly, I forgot my camera again. Sorry folks, I would promise it wouldn’t happen again but I am not sure thats true – I am forgetful from time to (insert word for time) .

To me this piece is about education. As a culture, as a generation, many of us youngsters (16-24ish range) many of us don’t take a our own education seriously. Yes, we graduate with degrees, but how much stock do you actually put in your own learning? With the type of resources available to us we should be a culture that lives to be educated. During my time traveling I couldn’t tell you how many American students I ran into that were living of their parents money and honestly just made me sick to my stomach how little serious ambition they had.

It is hard to see but the feet say sellout on them, the bear is wearing a graduation hat. Sort of trying to hint at using the relationship of the bear and economics and to say that we are selling short our own education.

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Big Stuff in the Works

Hey guys, so some big stuff in the works for this weekend, try and contain your excitement.

But its going to be a little bit before I can upload them, so to tide you over here is some very cool street art I found recently. My favorite part is the space invader hat (artist unknown)


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Obey Shepard

Recently went to South Side in Pittsburgh and decided to snap a few pics of a Shepard Fairey piece.
I have gotten a chances to see it a few times, but felt like it would make for a good blog post.

The interesting thing to me about Shep is that he likes to fight consumerism, commercialism, brandalism and ect.  I could go on forever in things that he and I agree on. My only question is his actual artistic abilities. Don’t get me wrong, I love the stuff he does, I really do. But I just think a lot of it is computer based rather than physically created. I mean, yes I consider things like photoshop and illustrator an extension of the artist, but I still think a majority of the creative input needs to come from the artist themselves (ie hand drawn sketches or paintings). Call me old school, but I think the physical creation of art is important.

Its not that I don’t like Fairey, he is an icon. I just am not sold on him (not his ideas) %100.0000 yet. Even after close inspection on his art here, which I always thought to be very clean cut and sharp, was actually a little bit sloppy (oh dear lord, don’t kill me). You could definitely tell it was computer generated.

But besides these criticisms of his work, I still am a very big fan of the movement. He ran a champaign off an idea very similar to that of Andy Warhol. Warhol used images of famous people and things and through repetition stripped them of their power, changed their nature. Fairey on the other hand used repetition of something meaningless and created a sort of ethos or power to it. He made something powerful, an image and a word (Obey the giant) and gave it importance through repetition. Very interesting, considering things like advertising where we see names and products over and over and over again and maybe even construct power in those things simply because we see them all the time.

Here are the pictures I took, if you get a chance to go to the South Side in Pittsburgh and check it out it is on E Carson St and 24th.

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In my trips abroad -okay, stop. I am sick of saying my trips abroad in such a vague mannerism. I was in Barcelona, and yes it was awesome.

Anyway, while in Barcelona I got a chance to check out a few graffiti stores and toy collectible shops. They were selling suckadelic cards at one of the stores and I thought it would be neat the check them out. Here is my favorite one.

Also, sick of saying hope you enjoy. You freaking better enjoy.

Just kidding, much love.

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Statement of Purpose – Edited

In an effort to generate more content and data, and well why the heck not, here at Ives Street we have decided that we will not only just be posting street art by Ives, but also street art and pop culture that we happen come across.

Posts will include links to videos, images, websites and much more in an attempt to be a better blogger. The subjects will be that which we find particularly enlightening, disheartening, innervating or depressing.

Today we have a post about a street artist known as Asto Naut. In my recent activities abroad I may have picked up some Spanish and I believe the following reads “the streets are ours”. Asto Naut apparently makes these little toys and take pictures of them from place to place. Flickr


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