Temporary Art

 After getting rejected from a few bars, with my real (albeit expired) ID, I decided to cause a little mischief. Being of age and not being allowed to is cruel cruel torture, almost on par with water boarding – well maybe not quiet. But anyway, I returned to this strangely virtually unmarked mailbox with duck-tape and cardboard in hand. I was explaining to one of my friends that this piece (to me) is about so many things including the joys of creation/expression and freedom of speech and fair usage (fair usage I will talk about later, in another post) when he asked why I use cardboard instead of spray painting it or pasting it on.

Well I decided that it would be a good idea to clear up my stance on this. First and foremost, as I have mentioned before, it is not my goal to be malicious and to avoid destruction of property. Yes, I know, that seems very counter intuitive to Street Art but hear me out. Property is just that, property, someone owns it and payed good money for it to be doing whatever it is doing, I have no right to permanently damage it. Sorry, thats just how I feel. But on the other hand, public property is just that as well, belonging to the public. So I should be able to do with it whatever I want (well sort of), the problem is I don’t want to ruin it for everyone else, so what am I supposed to do?

My process is this (and it will be the only time I explain it unless asked) is I first have a drawing, which in itself is a process, and I photocopy it to a larger size. Then I take that and probably draw on it some more before wheatpasting it to some cardboard. Usually I find the cardboard out of dumpsters all around the city or in the street or behind stores (you would be shocked how much unused cardboard is out there). Then I cut it out, and duck-tape it to whatever I want. If someone wants to remove it, its pretty damn easy, but then again it will stay up for a long time before it naturally falls off. This is the least malicious way I could possibly imagine without altogether just stopping.

But for me it also works on another level. A street artist by the name of Morley once said (in so many words) that we are as temporary as our art. I took two things to heart from that quote. First, we are very temporary beings and many times we don’t think about it. Yes its a little bit sobering to think about that, but at the same time it also made me reflect on how temporary graffiti and street art is. I mean, really whether its spray paint, sticker, poster or cardboard, all it takes is one determined person and its gone forever. One person has to not like it enough to do something about it (which in a way is at least getting people to take a stance on something). So what does it matter to what degree its temporality is? And yes. I just made up that word.

But you get my point. Well I hope you enjoyed the post and the piece, if you have any feedback at all I would really like to hear it. Any response to the post, really. I am open ears.

Oh and one question. Which boarder do you guys like better? the solid boarder with no white (Burnout) or the thick white blocky boarder from this piece? My friends tell me the ladder, but I am not sure yet. Still contemplating.

More pics in the picture page,


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