Consume Consume Consume

Its Monday Monday, gotta get down on Monday. Ew, no. I dislike Rebecca Black and the system that made her famous for a ridiculously bad song.

But anyway, it is in fact Monday. Being that, around here (South Oakland – Pittsburgh) it means its trash day. And every Monday I am reminded by how much we consume, especially in a college neighborhood and how grossly our society promotes gluttony.

Every Tuesday I am again reminded of that and the fact that the Oakland garbage men are terrible at their job, when the streets are just filled with random gross garbage. Its sort of sick. Really, and that is what inspired the creation of this piece. As I was walking around, I noticed about 3 discarded sofas (? people no longer need places to sit?) a ton of beer cans, pizza boxes and even some piles of cloths. All thrown on the street since the dumpsters are full.

I realize the font is real thin and hard to see in the picture, but I hope you can read it. More photos in the photo section.

Also, I realized some twenty minutes afterward that a large garbage truck will soon come and lift that dumpster, and may or may not knock off the work. Oh well, live and learn. Hope you enjoy.

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