I’m a Rocket Man

So I was all about putting up this piece today.  I woke up and was like, alright -let’s do this. Totally in an Arnold Schwarzenegger type voice when he said it before having a love child with his house keeper. Bad joke? Probably so.

Well anyway, in my excitement I forgot my camera. So sorry for the picture quality, it was taken on my phone.

If you have been to Oakland in Pittsburgh you probably have seen a few building attached to the University of Pittsburgh. One including the Cathedral of Learning (the second tallest educational building in the world -apparently) and one including the library. The Cathedral on one hand, is a iconic beautiful building that attracts people from all over. The library though, is one damn ugly building. Well I was walking around, when I a group of some of the benches outside of it and found this spot. Sat there for about 30mn, not a sole came by.

If you can’t read the quote there is a better picture of the lines in the picture section.

Points for someone if they can name the artist and or the work from which it came.

The rocketman on the other hand is an image of one of my favorite childhood movies The Rocketeer.  I think ever since the day I first saw that movie I wanted my own jetpack. When people ask what super power you would rather have I say flying, hands down, everytime. But that is not what the piece is really about.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. More is on the way.


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