Bear out, Sellout

A few days ago I put up a piece on the bridge that connects downtown Pittsburgh to Station Square. I really liked the placement because it seems like a high traffic sort of place, yet I am not sure too many of the rubberneckers would feel strongly enough to remove. What do you know, visited it last night and it was still up. I got all warm and fuzzy inside.

Unfortunetly, I forgot my camera again. Sorry folks, I would promise it wouldn’t happen again but I am not sure thats true – I am forgetful from time to (insert word for time) .

To me this piece is about education. As a culture, as a generation, many of us youngsters (16-24ish range) many of us don’t take a our own education seriously. Yes, we graduate with degrees, but how much stock do you actually put in your own learning? With the type of resources available to us we should be a culture that lives to be educated. During my time traveling I couldn’t tell you how many American students I ran into that were living of their parents money and honestly just made me sick to my stomach how little serious ambition they had.

It is hard to see but the feet say sellout on them, the bear is wearing a graduation hat. Sort of trying to hint at using the relationship of the bear and economics and to say that we are selling short our own education.

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