Eye Opener

A modification of an earlier piece (and one of my favorite drawings). I like it for a few reasons, starting to really dig the flat red boarder and the larger size. The poem quoted reads (Eye-Opener by Malcolm Lowry)

How like a man, is Man, who rises late / and gazes on his unwashed dinner plate / and gazes on the bottles, empty too, / all gulphed in last night’s loud long how-do-you-do, / -Although one glass yet holds a gruesome bate – / How like to Man is this man and his fate – / still drunk and stumbling through the rusty trees / to breakfast on stale rum sardines and peas.

Lowry was an English poet, born around 1957, and died at the age of 45. He is the author of many award winning books, subject of many more, and even a film or two has been produced about his life and death. He led an interesting life, spent some time in Mexico but above all wrote some exceptional poetry. I like this poem because it feels like a challenge. A challenge to break out of the constrains of society and to stem away from becoming the average drunkard (which it seems so many of my peers are determined to become).

Hopefully some others will read it and get some semblance of that message.  Check out the Gallery

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