Everlasting Light: Show Me the Way

If I ever get 3 wishes in a bottle from a blue genie (with the voice of Robyn Williams of course) my first wish would be to fly obviously. It would be silly if it was anything but that… clearly the best super power. And well second would be the ability to have my own soundtrack to life that just pays where ever I go.

One of the songs on that track would be Everlasting Light by The Black Keys. In this piece I have added the title of that song to a drawing I did of the dog Zero from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Besides being the loyal companion to Jack, Zero is clearly one of the best characters in the story. He may not speak a word, but he portrays volumes about how friends should help one another. I could really write a book or two about the character of Zero, but I wanted to leave a little of this to your interpretation. Let me know any thoughts you have on the connection between Zero and The Black Keys.

You better believe I listened to Everlasting Light on repeat while writing this.

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Filed under Art, Ives Street Art

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