Well hopefully you can guess my inspiration for this piece. I have always been fascinated with the Egyptian sun god Ra, he is said to represent light, good, growth and all those good things so I thought it would be appropriate.

   I used the line “The crow who dreamed himself to be an eagle.” To me, its really just a piece about not accepting your role in society, the role that is assigned to you. You don’t always have to do what is necessarily expected of you, but what you want to do wit your life should be up to you. Hopefully some part of that message is passed on through this piece.

 While putting this piece up there was a fight down the street (well a shouting match between two drunk chicks really) and a bunch of cops drove right by without noticing us. The compadre I was with wanted to experience what it was like to put up a piece like this, so when the cops went right by he got all antsy-in-his-pantsy (am I told old to use that line? I hope not). I am not going to lie I acted all calm and cool and collected -maybe to show off a little bit- but inside I was still a pretty mystified and anxious about it as well.

Check out more photos in the Gallery.

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