I’m A Rocket Man

 I decided it was time to do a new Rocketeer piece the other day. I have been sitting on it for a while and just got around to it. He is definitely one of my favorite drawings and I am very pleased with the piece. The line that goes around him reads

I went to heaven, I couldn’t get in, for what I had done. I said please take me, they said you’re crazy, you had too much fun.

It is a line from an Unwritten Law song. I used rock out to this song all the time when I was young and for some reason this line just always stuck with me. To me it is about living your life to the fullest, no excuses, have fun and enjoy it while you can. Part of me is doing that right now, it’s why I started this blog. Hopefully you guys like it just as much as I do.

Some of you may have noticed that a few of my posts are on dumpsters and I wanted to say a few words to that. Sure, not your typical electric box, abandoned house type of paste up that most people tend to do. You think a dumpster.. and art? Gross. Well there are a few advantages to them. First of all, should it really matter which public space I choose to use as a medium for my art? As a part of this society aren’t I entitled to the dumpsters as much as anyone else? Also, they may be stinky and dirty… but they are meant to be that way. Of all the pastes I have done most have been ripped off or taken down but all the dumpster pieces are still up. So the longevity of these places (cause really who wants to clean off a dumpster) is awesome. Also the exposure is great, everyone has to go to a dumpster every once in a while. It is human nature. So why not look at some pretty pictures and read a few words.

Here are a few more photos, as always check out the gallery.

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