O Consumer, My Consumer



 I want to apologize for the image quality, I had to take it on my camera phone but hopefully you can make out some of the details. I also decided to go with a detached comic style Ives. Sure it is a lot bigger and stands out quiet a bit more, but I liked the aesthetics of it when I was messing around at home earlier so I thought I would give it a try. I actually wrote this on Pitt computer lab paper, and the first time I did it I realized I had gone over the part with my username in it.. that could potentially be bad. So I had to change it. 

 As far as the image goes, clearly an American Indian (which is actually the new PC term in case you were unaware) celebrating in an interesting manner. He has car doors, a Jesus cross, wrist bands, a Yankees headband and Nikes on. I wanted to use these items to try and create the mantra that is in the quote I used “Please Display Your Wealth”.

This piece sort of reminds me of that famous quote from fight club, how we use these items and consumer goods to show off our own egos. Why should a fresh pair of Nikes imply that you are in fact cool? Don’t get me wrong, I like Nikes to a certian degree, but this piece is really just a social commentary on how we us items to show off our progression and wealth in life. 

As I was walking around looking for places to put this up I was listening to Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch  (one of my favorite all time songs and one song that would be added to my Sound Track of Life) I came across a really beautiful scene. The picture doesn’t capture the sort of aura it had but hopefully you guys can enjoy it. 

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