This past week I decided to make a few cartoonish characters that I happen to doodle from time to time. All of them are curiously unhappy and sickly looking.

The quote is one of my more favorite from Ender’s Game by Olsen Scott Card (probably my favorite book of all time – ever ever ever). I say more  favorite because I definitely have a few more. It reads

“Ill try” Carn Carby left, and Ender mentally added him to his private list of people who qualify as human beings.

I have been in those moments, and been in the opposite. A moment of judgement that allows you to mentally define a person, even if it may be wrong to judge them, because of their actions. A man named Michael Palladino and I have shared a moment like this -except he had a line drawn through his name, removing him from my list. Only he and I know the reasons why, but f*** you Palladino. You Bastard.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the post -Ill be absent this weekend as I will be in California!  Yeah, I am pretty excited. Bringing some stickers with me and I will have some updates for you after the weekend.

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