Beauty is a Beast

 So I decided to put up this piece today after my short hiatus to LA I am back in Pittsburgh. Hope you guys didn’t miss me too much (here is a song to cheer you up if you did, or if you didn’t -which would be messed up). Well here is a piece I did concerning natural beauty. In my escapades with women through my 4 years of college I have come to several conclusions. One that most sorority girls lack emotional depth and soon loose their charm when you realize they are borderline alcoholics.

The blackness that is their soul -no makeup or fake tan could cover up. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying all sorority girls are like this or that they are the only ones (I hate sweeping generalizations) but the sort of attitude party all night, screw work or class.  I am sorry there is nothing wrong with loving to learn and being able to enjoy yourself at the same time. And yes I am saying loving to learn has something to do with having a soul.

While putting this up I almost did get into a bit of trouble, a cop walked right by. He didn’t even look at me, since paste-ups are relatively uncommon in Pittsburgh I don’t think what I was doing really registered with him. He just kept on walkin.

Also connected to the gallery are a few pictures of some homemade stickers Ill be putting up around town. If you have any questions on how to make them, I just used CVS bought shipping stickers and it was remarkably easy after that.

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