So yes, I have been absent for a while. It was the 4th man, it took a lot out of me. Work and drinking… I didn’t really have time for much else. Except well, I did get a chance to put some stickers up.

The Rocketeer says “Dreamings not something we encourage here either, Howard. Reality, that’s what we’re all about. Reality; objective, empirical truths. That’s what’s on the exam papers.” It is a quote from a book I recently finished (Skippy Dies). Not only is it a great quote, but it is a great book. I take this quote as an idea that our education system is failing not because the teachers aren’t education us on important subjects well, but students aren’t bred to love learning as they should. Part of education should be up to the student, yes, but our culture needs to create a society where it is possible for kids to develop a love of learning. Well that’s just my 2 cents.

The second sticker is a poem and it reads “The art of losing isn’t hard to master; / so many things seem filled with the intent / to be lost that their loss is no disaster. ” One Art, by Elizabeth Bishop. Ill let you interpret that on your own, after finishing my Interpreting Poetry recently… I’ve written enough about the stuff for a while.

Anyway, hope you enjoy. Also check out the Winnie has a Posse sticker, I just happened upon it and thought it was cool. Note* I put up a lot more stickers these are just the ones I remembered to take a picture of. Probably around 30 up or so.

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