Omg, Ives is so OP

Hey guys to here are some pictures of a piece I put up this morning. I have a rendition of an old lady, laying herself on an ironing board and getting ready to hold an iron to her face? Why would she do this? Well for beauty of course -she is old and wrinkly and needs to iron out her flaws like so many of us try to do.

Why do girls go to tanning booths when it is a proven fact that they cause skin cancer?

Why go to the gym and workout Only Biceps? (You know who you are.)

Why do old housewives get botox and shove plastic balloons into their breasts?

To make them look young and sexy obviously. We do all these atrocious things to our bodies for the sake of beauty and impress others. Why not do what the Mormons do and treat your body like a temple? That is what I find sexy. Show me someone who watches what they eat, is comfortable in their own body and free of vices like tanning and cigarettes (oh cause they are sooo cool) -and I will show you someone original and beautiful in their own right.

The quote at the bottom says “Ives is so OP”. If you can successfully tell me what this means, you will get a personalized card sent to you directly designed by me! (Totally free, no gimics or nonsense)

Oh and you guys are lucky to get this post, I was almost mauled by a giant rat/beaver hybrid rodent while putting this up. Scary stuff.

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