Flight of The Ives

Okay so I am not pretentious enough to call myself The Ives (even though I just did) but the title to this post is really more of a hint to what the quote from the work I put up is. Let me know if you get the referance.

 It is sort of hard to see in this picture (which was actually taken at night) but the shirt of the cartoon looking character actually says “I’m not crying, it’s just been raining   on my face”. It happens to be a quote from one of my favorite tv shows of all time, dropping all kinds of pop culture references lately. But really the quote, although comical at first, is about more than just crying (which -ahem- I havn’t done in like 21 some odd years) its really about how as men we hide our emotions. We are taught not to show how we feel or how its cool to be never get to emotional. I know it seems like a generalization but it happens on a micro level without people ever even realizing it. 

Am I trying to change the world? No. Do I think that our society has its problems? Yeah.. I am just trying to bring it to light, yet while still making people smile/laugh/feel any kind of emotion. Does this piece do the trick? Who knows, but at least I get to write about it and ask a lot of rhetorical questions aimed at myself – and then answer them.

Meta World Peace   Ives

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