Space Upgrade Celebration

Here we go guys, today is a special day. Today I decided, after months of deliberation, it is time for a space upgrade!

This means more videos, less links, more images and more content. Look for multiple daily updates. Oh and page jumps. I guess I could do that all along but I just discovered it.  Here to help us celebrate this new found glory, some music videos, new images, artists and so much more. Best post of my life, the return of the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks (even though I despise myself while I am in there) has got me all amped up! So much more after the break.

What I love about that music video is that although I cannot really describe how the video and the  music make sense together, they just do. Am I right?

Shep is back, doing his thing in NYC.

Listen, I hate when people label things gay (and mean lame), I hate that for some reason almost every book or tv series or film that we watch, if it has a female character, is ultimately ONLY about female issues. Why are male characters universal while females specific? (a good example of someone I would consider that breaks this role -Sarah Silverman. Sure she is a female comic who deals with a lot of female issues, but at her heart and soul she is just another comic. Comic first, female second and for that I salute her). Well anyway The point I am getting to is that I love this photo, and the juxtaposition in it.

I am going crazy on this update, somebody stop me!

In terms of actual news, there is this article circulating about whether or not Banksy’s art should be protected. I think this is a crazy idea, listen take a photo sure. But part of the reason that street art is so great is because in its very nature it is impermanent. It will be painted over and it will eventually disapear so if you see it when you can, all the more powerful the image. Let me hear your thoughts!

The final music video I have here is about shoes. Yeah shoes, but really it is about so much more. About brandalism, consumerism, growing up on the streets. Really a beautifully written rap and great music video.  “I touched the net! Mom I touched the net”

And now a small gallery of one of my new favorite artists – Titi Freak.


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