New Gallery and New Ives

So I decided to make a piece celebrating on of my favorite books from highschool, Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. More on this (and a night pic) along with a new gallery from Barcelona after the break.

Achebe’s masterpiece is about many things, too many for me to talk about in this forum. But one thing it is about is what it means to be a man, both in tribal and modern culture. Things men have to deal with like honor, pride and family. To me this quote says, don’t let your pride get in the way of your family. A lesson many of us forget.

I came back later that night and snapped this picture, although I was disappointed to see it gone a day later. But oh well, that is the nature of street art.

Finally we have a small gallery from the people at base elements  about the street vendors in Barcelona. The plight of the street vendor has always been an interest to me. These guys buy 6 packs of beer, and go to the streets to sell them one by one for a single euro. I cannot really see how they could have such a profit margin that it is worth so many hours of there time (as they are out at all times of night) and there are so many of them doing it (tons and tons).  Check out base elements when you can too. Also I plan on doing some more instillation art coming soon so be sure to stay tuned.  

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