Featured Artist: OverUnder

Sup chicklettes, so today I happened upon one of my favorite artists new blog posts and I have to say I am truly astounded.

Artist OverUnder got some of his friends together and produced a line peace for living walls in Albany. Here is what he had to say about the piece

Two days after returning from Living Walls Atlanta we were off to Albany for Living Walls the remix. We arrived early this time and were fortunate enough to set up shop in the Marketplace Gallery. Under the great hosting of the Contompasis brothers we had the time and resources to take on more than just a mural or a painting; We took on the city. And from our many street conversations the residents were inquisitive first and appreciative last. Although there was one reoccurring complaint. And that was, ‘why can’t you do another one on my building?’

photo gallery after the break! Apparently it took a few weeks to complete. But first a couple examples of his work











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