Know Hope

The Know Hope Gallery. An Israeli based artist out of Tel Aviv.

To me, Know Hope is the embodiment of the the modern state of street art. Its making your art, on your own terms, for yourself. Street art is very selfish in that way, but its selfish for good reason. These artist, like Shepard Fairey or Banksy or Know Hope (not that he is yet on that level) want you to here their message, see their work, in a public space to get a reaction from you- to question the norm or expected.

Know hope creates a character, like many street artists, and sticks with him. He wears his heart on his slave and is constantly battling heartbreak.

An old interview-ish video from an old show. You can here him talking about his work, the process and the meanings.

Another video, him creating his work (in public, cause that’s what street artists do).

Bound by Burden, Littered Flags is the name of the gallery as you probably guessed.

This was accompanied by the following text.

With the abundance of humbled limbs and littered flags
(How we got here, and where we are now)

Sincerely swindled, the troubles piled like broken accents
(Like stock, or others’ truths)

Burdens like trials like trying/broke-down trains
(Tugging along these two-timing traintracks, persuaded to sing/mumble this damned anthem)

We’re all too homesick and so housebroken
(Anxious like stubborn stock markets)

But in the distance
(And through these empty spaces and their signaled echoes),

A setting sun, like an allowing toll-booth, reassures us
that sand becomes mountains become monuments become sand
(Nothing can ever stay precious on a sinking ship)

and that barricades are only as decisive as we make them
(So we sway back and forth/forth and back with the motions, hoping to reach anywhere or elsewhere)

‘No homeland ever’, the tides hint; ‘No homeland ever’.

I love when an artist can express himself through the mediums of art and also words. To me this gallery and instillation is mesmerizing, with over one thousand hand created tree stumps (yes that is 1000) and with full life size rendering of characters this project immensely successful.

Here is a gallery to finish it all up.


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