Monday Morning Coffee

So I got up at like 6 am this morning to work on some stuff, as I won’t have time to after school. I got a promotion at work! Hey awesome right, except that means I have to go to training everyday this week after class.. so yeah.

Any-who. Here are some links for you people out there awake at this hour. Well I guess you could read this later then right now this instance, but hey I am all jacked-up-on-coffee right now so DOn’T Burst MY BuBBLE!

  It’s a bird house-nest thing made of of legos. Finally some thing useful to do with all these left over lego’s I have.. Ive gotten tired of stepping on them and jamming my foot.

Break on over to the other side..

So remember how we were talking about Know Hope a few posts ago? Well I realized I have a good video of his in this other website I helped.. design. 

Unfortunately I didn’t realize until just now that I cannot embed this video, so here is the link- get off my back jeeze. The video is from the documentary Bomb It 2.

The audio up-loader is strangly terrible so I had to youtube it. But yeah like my favorite song ever.

Finally if you still need to eat some breakfast, like I do, here is something to fill you up.

                                                 –  BSA 

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