Happy Birthday to Me

So turning a new page in the old year book and as it is with every Thanksgiving break – it was my birthday.

It was Sunday actually.. I had a 5pm flight back to Pittsburgh from Chicago which would have been just fine if it weren’t for some drunk/high 20 something year old lady who sat next to me. For some reason she thought it would be perfectly acceptable to go black-out drunk on an airplane. So I got to spend the duration of the flight being used as a pillow for her slumping head – even after pushing her off of me probably twenty times.

When the flight was over she barely managed to stumble off the airplane. Jesus.

Well anyway, back from break feeling good and healthy.

More on that after the break

 So I have been applying for internships this spring and I have come across an organization that I am really excited about. They work with artists that use Universal Health Care in their art. Some really intriguing posts so far. Check it out at HealthArtists.org

Morley is back!

Well technically he was never gone, but he is back on Ives Street at least.

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