Featured Artist: Daniel Anguilu

So I wanted to bring an artist that went through a metamorphosis so we could create a conversation about artistic growth.

The artist we have today is Daniel Anguilu, he started as a graffiti artist with the classic background in tagging trains and rail-yards. Here is a video of him talking about that experience, his evolution to a street artist and why he no longer considers himself a graffiti artist.

After the break we have a gallery of his along with some more discussion points.

He is apparently based out of Houston, TX. To evaluate his new style on a high art level, what I see is someone whose art is heavily influenced by his background in graffiti and his city.

All of his works are some sort of an animalistic figure in a  graffiti style while splicing in elements of the city.  Especially in the bird peaces, he seems to be taking the burden of the city upon himself (as he reflects himself in the creations). Yet at the same time he takes on these burdens, he seems ready and almost proud to have them weigh on him and to shoulder the burden.

Let me know what you guys think! Keep it up Daniel!


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