Hanksy Banksy

As you can guess. Some work by Hanksy.. and then some work Banksy.

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  Pretty well satirized by Hanksy if you ask me.

And now some Banksy

Found on UK Street Art – they wrote about it.

Banksy has been busy recently with his new pieces on the streets last weekend and today this piece called “Cardinal Sin” at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool:

“The piece, made in response to the child abuse scandals that the church seems to be known for these days, features a face taken off and replaced by blank bathroom tiles. Banksy noted in a statement, “I’m never sure who deserves to be put on a pedestal or crushed under one.” The sculpture sits next to religious works dated from the 17th Century.”

Yes I know a quote within a quote is a little.. strange. But an interesting piece. I like the quote from Banksy, but at the same time not entirely sold on this piece being connected with child abuse. It just seems like a stretch- and maybe not his best work. Anyway, I still love him to death and all that. Let me know what you guys think!?

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