New Year Resolutions + Other Stoof

What follows is a list of New Year resolutions and goals primarily in terms of street art. Also at the end of the break …a little bonus reminder that XKCD is still some funny stuff (non street art related but oh-well, you’ll live).

1. More Street Art – Well I thought that would be a obvious one. But more on that in a bit.

2. More Posts and Grow Readership – OK promise the last more resolution, but a necessary goal. Right now we are averaging about a medium independent viewers a day. With more posts that hopefully translates into more readers. I know people who get tens of thousands of readers a day.. that may be a bit high but a couple hundred would be nice. Also marketing the blog.. I don’t know exactly how I plan on doing this but will work on it.

3. Move away from Tribute Angel and create more of a personal style – Finally something more tangible. Well I guess 1 & 2 could be tangible but no set goal for those. This I know I want to stay in the cardboard department, the characters I build I really like, but right now I feel like it is too much of a copy of Know Hope. It’s about individuality. Know Hope has set goals and ideas that his character(s) are set to persuade and I need to have those goals as well, but ones that are my own. \

So in essence, #3 is both the physical change in art and the conceptual change in idea.

4. Write Something that gets published Not on a blog or school newspaper – More for my writing career but hopefully can involve street art in some way.

5. Get a Job – Graduation is slowing dawning @>@ (dear lord I am scared).


Declare It Art is a website where people talk about and display pictures of non-art in public and declare it to be art. Prettty neet. Check it.

Some REEEAAAALLLLY cool graffiti couch. Thats right.. COUCH.

And finally HAPPY NEW YEAR!

What are your guys resolutions? (Street Art related or not)


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