Ives vs D4CKS

So today marks the day that I, Ives, will be taking on the infamous (well if you are from Pittsburgh at least- and aware of these things) graffiti tagger D4CKS. More on this after the break

What do I mean by taking on? Well really it boils down to the perceived differences between graff writers and street artists. In Oakland- if you look around this guy is everywhere. You can’t go a block without finding his name, it is truly incredible. So here we have a very driven individual who clearly has the courage to defile property, with nothing to say?

I want to challenge him to be more than just a tagger. I will be putting up a ton (TON) of new posts soon featuring slogans like “D4CKS is boring” or “D4CKS, Nothing To Say?” and ect.

Will he respond? I don’t know. But maybe.. just maybe he will. Maybe it will be interesting.. who knows. Either way the ball is about to be in his court. Keep you guys updated with pictures and all.


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Filed under Art, Ives Street Art, Pittsburgh

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