Friday Round-Down

VNA had a great post of a collabrative work. Here.

The work is a collaboration from Reka, Two One Elephant, and our new favorite artist- Ghostpatrol.

More on Ghostpatrol and others after the break.

These are two works up for sale on Ghostpatrol’s website. If anyone would like to buy and donate them to Ives Street, well not only will I not object but I will love you forever. Seriously.

Skewville is back on Vandalog. Check it out

And Streetsy recently posted this. Maybe Ill send some stuff? Tell me what you guys would like me to send!

$$$$$$$ Hello artists. I am a high school teacher now living in Seattle (recently relocated from NYC). We are buying a house and I am finally ready to support the great artists of the streets. We are looking for a relatively large (3’x3′ or larger) piece of art to buy. We love swoon, banksy, basquiat, and all the big names but want and can only afford to support an up and coming artist. Our budget is $500. Wheatpasteing, stenciling, paint is all good, but perhaps something that can be rolled and shipped to seattle would work best. Send any pics of work that you could sell in our price range. Thank you so much and keep doing the great work that you do!

And FINALLY. Since it is February .. for all you love birds out there. This is how I feel about the month in general/valentines day.

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