New C215

c215, a big hitter – comes up to bat again. Originally posted by Stencil History X. A french blog… cause I totally speak French. >.>                    <.<

More info after the break. Also more pictures. Yummy yummy pictures.

Apparently c215 is in some sort of cool magazine type thing

[le translation of post]

C215 enters the famous collection of artist monographs Design & Designers published by Pyramyd. The penetrating light of the artists on the cover makes them immediately identifiable, what a good idea anyway, those looks … As a result of JR or the 9th Concept, C215 and reveals a broad overview of his work as street workshop on 144 pages. Through the testimony that we book introduction Coumet Jerome, mayor of the 13th arrondissement of Paris, in one of the most beautiful texts ever written on the artist, this book takes an unexpected depth and sheds light on the humanist character C215. A book all its own …

Oh and guess what – YOU CAN BUY IT


Somebody please buy it for me.. please? Enjoy your weekend Nerdos.


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