This is that new shit, and It don’t feel the same

That Universal Mind Control now move your behind. +1 to Slytherin for anyone who can tell me what that is from (and yes.. that was just a freaking harry potter referance  ’cause we are cool here like that).

I make this the title.. because really this post has sooo much pure awesomeness I can’t begin to describe how sweet it truly is.

Well start out with this not quiet as awesome but still awesome video. Herakut.. Morley.. Micheal Aaron Williams and Chuck to follow.

I got this email from Michael Aaron Williams

So Im starting a new street art project and it is being funded through
kickstarter which is a funding system where those who help fund the
project get my artwork in return. This time I am hitting up Asia. The
more money raised the more places I can travel to with the street art.
check out the link:

Okay, SO I TOTALLY MADE UP THAT LAST BIT. But Donate! DOOO IIIIIITTT. Or else  we (you and I) won’t be friends anymore ;.; and no one wants that. Here is the link again to donate. Minimum is a dollar.. that’s like.. not even a whole cup of coffee.. that one you are drinking right now. Less than that.

NOW new Hanksy… isn’t it your lucky day? See how I didn’t mention that and now you are all like wow.. I didn’t even see this coming. Awesome.

Couldn’t find much on this new artist.. but his name is Chuck, hes boss, and from Nicaragua. Found on BSA

New Morley – based of craigslist. Crazy cool.

From his website

I posted this yesterday at the building that once housed Mr. Brainwash’s art show. Now covered with a boarded up awning, it seemed like a good place to put up a poster that’s a little different.

This one comes with an actual Craigslist ad that is live at the moment.

Man. THis just.. makes me.. love life- and hate it- all at the same time. You need to read that.

Sorry I know that was a lot of text to read. So what I am going to do.. since I am so nice, ill give you another break. But be prepared for pure, unadulterated, awesome after the break(2).

So you know when people say “oh that’s performance art” and you are totally like … yeah.. performance art. I know what exactly your talking about.. and agree that its just as good as all other forms of art. Nod. Yes.. yes.. performance art that’s not a play or a ballet or a musical. Hmmm.

Well look no further, I have finally found what you (I?) have been searching for. HERAKUT DOING THEIR RAD THING. 

Seen: ‘When Lucent Found Herakut’ + Behind-the-Scenes

While Herakut has travelled the globe showcasing their art on numerous walls and gallery shows, their current LA stint saw the duo expanding their horizons into brand new territory – live theater.  On Friday and Saturday evenings, the Lucent Dossier Experience opened the newest iteration of their edgy show @ The Palace Theater in Downtown LA , a collaborative effort titled ‘When Lucent Found Herakut’.  What began as a casual conversation between Akut and Lucent Dossier members at last year’s Coachella, resulted in a special version of Lucent’s show blending their narrative-based edgy show featuring sophisticated circus elements with Herakut’s aesthetic.

When Herakut first posted about this unique collaboration, the degree to which they would be involved in the production was unclear.  The answer is heavily. Herakut was involved in most aspects of this short run.   In consultation with Lucent Dossier, Herakut designed the set which featured numerous cardboard pieces from the duo, designed and created hand-made costumes for many of the performers including their distinctive paper maiche animal headwear, and performed on stage in the guise of two rats live-painting on their large cardboard installation  during each showing.  In short, the performances brought Herakut’s art to life through the performer’s enactment of the characters.

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of stepping the behind-the-stage to check out and document the process that went into the sold-out performance.  In addition to prepping their cardboard installation, getting into character and their costumes, Herakut was integral to the Lucent performers’ final costume prep.  In a first for her, Hera personally designed, augmented, and in several cases applied the makeup to the show’s cast in her vision.  Last minute details included ‘dirtying’ up costumes with black streaks, lines and intricate details. She remarked that  the dancers were now living paintings of sorts.

If you missed the weekend performances, you’ll have another opportunity to come face to face with the characters from Herakut x Lucent collaboration as part of the opening of Herakut’s ‘After the Laughter’ show/book signing on Saturday (2.25) @ LeBasse Projects chinatown. Several members of the Lucent cast will be on-hand for the opening in their Herakut-designed costumes.

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