Golden Oldy

I still watch this video from time to time.. It just reminds me that street artists can really make a difference.

To all the fans of the blog, keep investing your time in street art. Whether its painting, pasting, placing or posting about street art. It is all an important part of the process. You can change people’s opinions and views and you can change them. In my opinion, street art has the most potential (more than books, films, commercials, music) to change the outlook of the public. When you watch a movie you enter into an agreement subconsciously that you know this movie is more then just for entertainment. As a public we understand that most entertainment has some sort of meta-narrative to it, a meaning behind it, a reason for telling us this story. I think that we tend to put on blinders because of this agreement, we see it coming a mile away and are used to the same old argument.

Because of the nature of street art, there is no agreement. Whether you want to or not, you are forced to absorb its information when you see it. It is the way billboards work, but instead of a corporate message designed to lure you in- you get to decide what you want to say.

So, guys, keep it up.

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