Kony 2012 + Kony Stencil

If you watch 1 youtube video this year, if you care about 1 single post I make ever in the history of the blog… make it this one.

Words cannot describe how important something like this can be. Not only does it have street art relevance (as I will be participating in that personally very soon) but it has human relevance. Can we make our voices loud enough to do something that is right? When the governments of the world have no fiscal gain from it (like the US did in bringing down Saddam, and invading Iraq) the only way we can do something is by being heard.

Watch it all the way through.

“Where you live shouldn’t determine whether you live

Here is a stencil for you guys to get involved too!(click to enlarge)


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19 responses to “Kony 2012 + Kony Stencil

  1. Pepe

    cheers, I’m leaving this around derby england!

  2. Leo Finighan

    Darlington and Richmond (UK) Is going to be plastered. We need to stop Kony, make him famous.

  3. Mark

    Thank You guys for the stencil 😀 will be getting these up in Northern Ireland

  4. Braller Nunez

    We need to put a end to this now! South Central / Los Angeles, California will have it plastered all over.

  5. 2haz

    Gonna post this up all over my town of Moorpark, Ca. Let it be known.

    • kassam

      i need a bigger one! i need one that massive that everyone will see!! something that stands out and cant be remove!

      • Ives

        I can make a vectorized one, then you can make it the size of a NYC sky-scraper if you’d like. Would you like that?

  6. MiLo

    putting this up around Philadelphia and it’s suburbs. Thanks for the sweet stencil!

  7. This is going up in Sydney, AUSTRALIA!

  8. keep her lit

    yeroo its goin up in belfast for a brilliant cause

  9. Koby

    How Can i get one of these made?

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  11. angelface

    all around the east bay, ca. get the message out.

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