…….Holy Holy………..

So I guess I should blog about popular topics a but more often.

Over the past week we have had over 3k hits on the website. The most traffic we have ever had in a week by far. We had the most comments we had by far, although still not enough so keep them coming guys! It was great to see all the places people will be putting up some art, check it out if you haven’t yet. 

So I decided to add a What would you like to see  poll. How do you want us to celebrate guys? Vote as many times as you would like!

A swoon video, a cool new project, some pretty pictures and such – after the break.


Simoni-Ser at Naoussa,Greece – BLOGGER (we meet again blogger -_-  sincerely, wordpress)

And now.. some cool crazy new project I saw the other day.

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