Images For Your Scrimmages

Okay so I know the title to this post makes absolutely no sense.. I did it cause it rhymes and I like it. You will live, I’m sure.

So as I said yesterday I would have some new stuff up for you soon in terms of what I did this past week/weekend. Here you go guys, let me know what you think. One of them is a d4cks post, cause he wrote on a garage right next to where it is. Some of the photos are taken later or whatever.. and I saw megaman on a bus so I threw that in there. There will be a break after the gallery, check that out too.

So remember when i said we had 3k viewers in 2 days? And then I said lets have a poll to see what we should do to celebrate? Then remember how only some of you actually voted? Shame on you. You can make it up to me.. by voting this time around!

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Filed under Art, Ives Street Art

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