New Banksy? Others

Word on the street is that this is a possible new Banksy. No news on his site yet.. but either way I really like this piece a lot. To me it says something about impersonation of power, if you look and act the part then you can act as important or powerful as you want- even if you are really just made of paper. Is that what it really is supposed to represent? No fucking  idea. Maybe I am just looking to much into it.. and its just some pretty picture. What are your thoughts guys?

MORE stooof after the break.

The American Dreamers @ the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence (I think thats Italy, Bruv).

More images and info on that here, the DailyDujour.

Some Music for your soul! I call this do work Friday music.. By Metric. I know its a little old.. but give it 2mn and tell me you aren’t in on Help I’m alive. And on that note, I also want to mention that I hate the stereotype that guys can’t like girl musicians. It’s stupif macho bullshit and I don’t care if you judge me for liking Adele, Metric, Heartless Bastards.. ect. But I digress.

Enjoy your weekend guys.

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