Always, it seems, at the heart of the argument for street art- Billboards.

When I think about it, it reminds me of people who say “every time a picture of you is taken you lose part of your soul”. As ridiculous as that sounds (as my soul has already been long gone in unrelated incidents to photo taking) when I see a billboard I get that feeling. I can’t help but look, whether I want to read what it says or not my eyes will register what it is written there. I didn’t sign up for it, its not like commercials on the tele where I get 30 minutes of staring at Hannah Simone (New Girl) and her amazing assets as long as I agree to sit through 2 minutes of commercials that realistically pay for the show to whole act. Nope

. A billboard allows you no agreement. Its like a big middle finger saying “here you read this – you don’t have a choice”. Billboards do some ridiculous things to get your attention. 

That being said, the city of Los Angeles also agrees with my agreement postulation on Billboards. Well in principle at least they do. In 2002 the city outlawed new Billboards being constructed.

Since then 4000 new ones have gone up in the Los Angeles area- ignoring the law. The city apparently isn’t enforcing it too heavily.


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