A Joyful Friday

Last Friday of my undergraduate career. Can you believe it? I can’t.

Part of my is like.. crap crap crap. I have to go make it in the real world now. Part of me gets depressed, part of me nervous, part of me really freaaaaking excited.

I am an inspirational kind of person. As in… I like to get inspired by things. So I decided to make a post on some of the things that have been doing that lately.

Imagine Dragons!

ART (I promise) after the break. Knuckleheads.

So we recently had a comment from (presumably) the artist of this work. And we posted about it not too long ago. Had a whole write up and everything.

Well here are some more works of theirs! Checkity Check it.

Aparently the artist behind the Pink Cloud is a guy named Abel Macias.

Abel Macias was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. He studied at Pratt Institute and graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design. He does freelance design and illustration work, private commissions, and his own curious projects.

 Check out his site when you can.

Also. If anyone wants to buy me something from his shop… I wouldn’t blame you. In fact.. you might even get an entire post dedicated to you.. Intriguing right?

I guess this post is a round-about way of saying what really inspired me.. is you guys! I love the feed back we have been getting, the traffic is really up and the feedback has all been really positive! Keep sending stuff in! Keep commenting!

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