Busy Busy Bee

I want to apologize for the lack of posts this week. I’m sorry- I am graduating from college (tomorrow!!) and have a lot of stuff to deal with. But here are some things I picked up that I liked a lot.

After le Break.

By Lauren Clay

And then there is this.

Found on Urban Art Core

In one of the industrial harbours along the Rhine river, a light graffiti crew used the strange, dirty and old scenery to awake Gorillas!

GorillaLighting is a light art crew from Germany who is not just projecting Gorilla faces onto facades, but also (probably inspired by Luzinterruptus)illuminating plants, recently for the Luminale festival in Frankfurt.

Projected as light graffiti the gorilla portrait breathes nocturnal life into the unreal world. Huge fronts cry for attention. Grotesque steel giants wait for a character.

Looks like, GuerillaLighting just started. Nevertheless I’m pretty sure their will be more to see soon!


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2 responses to “Busy Busy Bee

  1. Hey, Just came across, nice to see it here!

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