Power of Silver

I have always loved photography, I have taken classes, learned Photoshop, worked in an actual photolab. And I can tell you, althought digital photography is great- something magical happens when you enter a darkroom. Maybe I was just high on the smell of chemicals, but I will always look back fondly at my time developing negatives.

The guy in the video you are about to watch believes in this nostalgia so much that he sacrifices everything in the pursuit of a dream.


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2 responses to “Power of Silver

  1. Keziah Kho

    Lol, at the beginning of the video, I thought he was a drug user. Amazing post! 🙂

    • Ives

      Hey glad you liked it! Yeah I was under that same impression. I think it was done on purpose.. It is like he is so addicted to this dream of making these original photo’s that it is like a drug to him. A metaphor, I guess, for his obsession.

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