Morley + Other Hobbies

Beautiful. After the break I will show you something I have been obsessing over lately- another hobby of mine that I don’t blog about much but have been a hobby-ist of for a few years now.

Not just aquariums.. Aquascaping. If you think that is a joke watch this video and then look at this channel. Ada is run by the infamous Takashi Amano. My idol.

Here is a video of him doing a layout. Really an artist.

This may well be the last time if blog about this topic- unless I get some great feedback from you guys. So let me know if you would like to see more of it or whaat.  Here is some more street art if you were totally bored by this stuff (bastards).

Taken from Global Graphica

We stumbled across this street art in Shibuya last night. The image is of a little girl in a pink rain slicker and boots, but underneath is the message “I hate rain” and the symbol of radiation. In light of the events at Fukushima in 2011, it puts the message of this poster into deeper perspectiv

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  1. The aquariums are especially interesting.

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