Missed Connections

Found on Vandalog

At first it took me a bit to really get what was going on here. I had to reread this snippet a few times.

 Wish I Said Hello is a project that plays with the missed connections section of Craigslist and turns those missed connections into stickers that are then put up in the spot where the missed connection happened. Lisa Park and Adria Navarro have started the program in New York City, but they hope that others will pick up the idea and place the stickers around the world. Very sweet idea. Here are a few of the first I Wish I Said Hello stickers.

After processing it for a little bit, and looking over the pictures I couldn’t help but notice my brother was standing over my shoulder, staring at the screen. He never really takes an interest in the blog and rarely identifies with any of the things I show him.

“What do you think?”

“I don’t get it.”

“What don’t you get exactly?”

It. What is it supposed to be telling me? That these people were once here.. and they had this one moment? So what.”

Ironically the very thing he was complaining about is what I find so interesting about this work.

These pieces allow us into the mind of another person. A random person who was so moved by some moment in time they decided to write about it and tell others on craigslist in hope that the other person was as moved by this moment and that they might just have the courage to check craigslist themselves. We now are allowed to see into this moment in time, stand exactly where it happened and know exactly what one of them was feeling and thinking. We get to be part of this moment that was so very exciting to someone. They probably didn’t intend for it to be that way, probably didn’t know that someone would take their post or what they would do with it. But we can now be part of that moment none the less.

Let me know if you guys agree.

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