Okay so this post actually has nothing to do with the totally-awesome-but-crazy film Momento with Guy Pierce and more to do with moment. As in the moment you are in LA, sort of lost and meandering, last couple days having been strenuous, sleeping in random hotels and on ramen noodles until you find a place to live, forgetting why you decided to move there in the first place- when suddenly you see something and realize… oh yes, this is an awesome city and crazy cool place to be. 

Don’t we all love moments like that?

Here are some images from today I nabbed. Enjoy, more updates to come in a few days.

Yes Banksy.. I saw my first in person Banksy! GAAAAAAAH

Homo Riot – Wasn’t in a gallery or something with that guy?

Found on the Venice Boardwalk. Just cool in my very own personal opinion.

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