Gallery Visit: Hello Pretty Pretty + Old Habits Die Hard

In a brash and brazen effort to become more cultured and sophisticated I have been visiting gallery openings around LA! This weekend I stopped by the joint show of  Hello Pretty Pretty and Old Habits Die Hard in Culver City. Descriptions of the two found on Daily DuJour.

Hello Pretty Pretty

Talented  fiberglass sculptor Colin Christian will unleash a dozen seductive new pieces for ‘Hello Pretty Pretty’, his first solo at Corey Helford (7.7).  The title pays homage to the cult sci-film Barbarella and also serves as a lead-in to  the influences of 60’s and 70’s pop culture running through the new work.  Known for his hyper-real, over-the-top, sexy portrayals of beautiful women, Colin has turned his eye and his hands towards transhumanism.  Never one to shy from bold visual statements, Christian has pushed his exploration of the ends of the expressive spectrum with work exploring dark recesses as well as lighter moments.   In addition to pieces inspired by pop culture such as the 9.5’ tall Superflyhoney, his first African American piece, he has also incorporated personal elements into the work.  Reflecting on his sister-in-law’s traffic accident, Christian created the towering and visually striking Zoofy – a gothic beauty augmented with the most curious of ‘walkers’, providing a measure of restored mobility.

Old Habits Die Hard

LA graffiti legend RISK will present several collections of paintings and sculptures for his ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ solo opening at Corey Helford Gallery.  On the painting side, RISK has focused on variations of his signature lettering style with many of the pieces incorporating neon work and license-plate backdrops.  In addition to the ‘Good Times’ hand series (above and after the jump), Risk will also be showing ‘The Symbol Series’ and his new ‘Beautifully Destroyed’ series featuring work created on plaster steel frames. On the sculptural side, RISK will showcase collaborative efforts including ‘Elephant in the Room’ with OG Abel, and the ‘Pigs’ series created with low-rider artists Danny D. Emmanuel Cisneros and Vince Felix.   Old Habits Die Hard will open alongside Colin Christian’s ‘Hello, Pretty, Pretty’.

Check out the gallery after the break. Also the address for you Los Angeles-iests.. LA’ists…. Southern Californians ? Whatever you get it.

Corey Helford Gallery
8522 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

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