Dude, Monsters!

It was 10:00 at night, on a Thursday – in Downtown LA. If that doesn’t already reflect the obscurity and somewhat sketchiness I felt as I got out of my car that night, maybe it would help to know I was parked on an empty street with trash littered everywhere, homeless people spelunking, and a wafting smell of urine. The entrance to the gallery looked like what I had seen of crack houses from The Wire- with a few leather clad hipsters posted outside.

Not wanting to bother them from their cigarettes, I walked in and was assaulted by a noise  I can only describe as the sound of 10 metal chairs being dragged across rickety wooding floors.

Was this the gallery (Dude, Monsters!) I had gone to see? What the hell had I gotten myself into.

This was not what the trailer had promised me.

The story continues after the break.

It was 11:30 at night, on a Thursday – in Downtown LA and I left the opening of Dude, Monsters! at the THINK TANK Gallery in the spirits that I had just witnessed something truly special  magical. Satisfied that I would remember this moment as the crown jewel of my early LA experiences.

The beer was flowing, the crowd was rowdy, the art was special, and the atmosphere was booming. Congratulations to every artist involved, the people who came. I believe it is still open so go check it out of you have a chance.

The artists involved were Donny MillerWes HumpstonMichael SiebenJimbo PhillipsMichael HsiungMitch FroelichDillon FroelichBen HortonNathan BrownMildredPacolliSean MorrisJohn MaltaLuke PelletierJacob PattersonBrad RohloffBryan PetersonMiles JacksonBen Jensen,Gregoy SiffAlexander LegolvanKaleb HigginsShplinton, and Nosego.

Check out the gallery to see all the festivities.

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