Revok UnSeen

So I didn’t actually make it out to see the gallery. I had to work. Last minute. But I didn’t want to break my promise to you guys so I basically copied (which in the media world is called “reprinting”) this post from the DailyDuJour. I hope you can forgive my misgivings.

On Saturday evenng, Revok returned to LA for the opening of Gilgamesh @ Known Gallery on Melrose. His new body of work expands on his recent focus on geometric wood collage pieces made from found pieces in and around Detroit. The new work features more irregularly shaped pieces compared to his standard diamond shapes, perhaps a nod to the chaos that surrounds us. In addition, texture appears more prevalent with the use of adacent collage elements of slightly varying heights as well as cracked and weathered elements. The result is Revok’s most compelling and visually alluring wood work to-date. Revok’s show shared the front room with Saber’s ‘Beautification’ solo. The back room featured a retrospective floor to ceiling collage of both artists’ outdoor graffiti, an excellent reminder of their artistic roots.

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