Skyscraping from Slinkachu

Lifted from Slinkachu. There is something about this that just makes… it.. hurt a bit …less. He is quite good at that.


Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York, USA

I am currently ramping up for my new show, Global Model Village, which will feature the image above which was taken in New York last year. The show opens September 27th at Andipa Gallery in London and features a mix of installations placed in different cities around the world over the past couple of years.

The show coincides with the launch of my new book – incidentally also called Global Model Village (can you see a pattern here?), which comes out the same day in the UK from Boxtree Macmillan and in the USA from Blue Rider Press. Continuing the international theme, the book will also be released in Germany, from Cadeau / Hoffmann Und Campe, under the title Kleine Leute in der Weiten Welt, with a Japanese version coming early next year too, along with a translation of my first book!

Global Model Village collects together 50 different installations left in cities such as New York, Moscow, Cape Town, Paris, Beijing, Hong Kong and of course London. Most of the images haven’t been seen before but the book also includes some favorites from my last show, images taken at Fame Festival in Italy and for my solo show last year in Germany. You can preorder the UK version here, or click the links above for your own country.

We are also organising a pop-up show in New York for early October…

I will post more info on the shows and the books over the next few weeks, but for now here is a sneak peek of the English version, along with a high-tech centrefold. Eat your heart out Playboy!

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