Really digging some of this big work by ETAM Cru. Oh and a show ? Tell me more..

After releasing their Urban Art Guide Vienna and showing Usual Misdeeds byVinz, Inoperable Gallery in Vienna is going to present the next big thing: Next week, famous ETAM Cru is going to open their Mind Trip exhibition…

The Polish duo will make their way to Vienna for their first show in Austria. We are excited to welcome them here and look forward to seeing what they have in store for us! Stay tuned for more info.

For the last weeks and month, ETAM Cru is steadily growing their fandom. With their fantastic murals in Russia and Poland, Sainer and Bezt could finally establish a certain point of presence in Europe’s urban art scene, for what reaon I’m really looking forward to get some impressions of the upcoming art show!

For more info about the ETAM Crew exhibition in Vienna, check out their website or the site of Inoperable Gallery!

-Found on Urban Art Core

Well if you happen to be in the area.. tell me how it is. Or well don’t tell me- because I will be super jealous! Seriously check out some of these pieces.

ETAM Crew Exhibition in Vienna


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