Things Unrelated

The title of this post is going to be Things Unrelated because I plan on sprinkling a few things unrelated to street art amidst some good art. I will start this effort with one of my favorite songs of all time- a song that I do believe I have never referenced on this blog.

Images to follow.

Fabah Zadok in Sao Paulo. Found on Vandalog with this particularly brilliant  quote.

“Graffiti: where community and creativity connect,” said no government ever.

Banksy Gif! Wonderful work by ABVH – a certified GIF maker. And by certified I mean really freaking good.

Well you can officially add this guy/girl to my Google reader page.

And finally a Stephen Colbert Meme / Comedy Box after the 2nd break.

If it wasn’t obvious I don’t really listen to top 40 music. I prefer music with depth, meaning, and intrigue. I have a few friends who are the opposite- popular culture enthusiasts. In fact a few have gone on record (much to my chagrin) to say they actually like the artist known as Pitbull. As much as this makes me want to pull my hair out, yell at them, and stomp out of the room… I just hope they can learn something from this.

Dating Fails: "What Makes You Beautiful" Decoded With Science and Math!

Then again- they don’t actually read this blog. So my friends may be a lost cause.. but we can still save you!

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