La Brea Found

\\Found on La Brea Avenue, Hollywood. From the people who brought you Free Humanity I presume. I think it is safe to presume this because it says Free Humanity in the bottom right corner, just hard to make out from the picture.

I like the piece, I think it is interesting, good stenciling, and creative. That being said I almost think it is counter-intuitive. By saying that taking the side of struggling (artists/musicians/people in general I assume) doesn’t have to be political- you are in fact being political. Saying that there is a political agenda initially asserted with that idea. This forces me to think of the political aspects of what that means when I wasn’t before, hence being counter-intuitive. It’s like saying “don’t think of pink elephants“. Not to say I don’t agree with the statement in general, we should be able to separate things from political agenda’s. I just think it could have been worded.. less bluntly. Let me know if you agree / disagree / hate my guts / love my guts (in which case that is gross, stop looking at my guts).


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