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Hey guys so I have recently stumbled onto some inspiration for some street art work that I am putting together now! I should have a few up within the week so stay tuned. In the mean time check out this awesome post bu a Brazilian Street artist Cranio. 

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Case, ‘Beyond the Surface’ in Friedensbrücke (Frankfurt), Germany

Came accross this the other day on Unurth Street Art.. brilliant.

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Grody on the Street

First piece of LA street art.. done! Under the name Grody. Because it isn’t good enough for the name IVES yet. I seriously need to go to an art store and buy some pens and paints so I can start producing things sans le computer. It just feels more natural.. anyway. Let me know what you think!

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Push Gallery


Pics of PUSH from his recent show at the Known Gallery. I had my own pictures.. because I was there..  but unfortunately when you try to sync your camera and your photo albums.. sometimes it goes from the album to the camera instead of the other way around.. So many pictures.. lost. Sucks. Anyway check out these photo’s from someone else. I was there somewhere.. oh well.

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Oh the Irony

Brilliant. Found on Melrose and Fairfax 

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Project Grody

Hey-ho guys. I know I know. This week has been a bit on the slow side but give me a break. New work and all.. but I made some stickers so check it out! Let me know what you think, should I post them? Where? I need ideas people!

I decided to go with the title Grody- is in this is a grody project. For those of you who don’t know, grody is slang for dirty/gross/rough/base sort of thing. Although, since it is slang it probably means different things to different people, I felt that would be a good title for my first LA project. I won’t be changing my artist name- this is just the name of this… “project”. Anywho.. Enjoy. BTW bonus points to the first who can accurately name where the quote is from and who said it. Well or at least, one of the people who said it.

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Hello There

Guys I have been really busy with my first week at my new job. Just want to schedule this before I leave this morning. Check out this gallery.. I will try to hit if up if you guys are interested.

Street artist POSE previews his new pieces for the upcoming book release and gallery show “Hello Kitty, Hello Art!” @ Known Gallery, Los Angeles.
Visit for more info on the one-day pop-up event!

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