Dream Chaser

OKAY. I know. We I post about Morley a lot. But I want to be honest with you guys and I just want to clarify, I don’t think he is perfect or even really that great. In fact.. he isn’t really that much of an artists- just a good writer. Well, a good one-line writer… who happens to have the god damn   courage to get up and say something. That being said… I freaking love this piece.

Morley quote after the break.

As I was posting this I heard a voice yelling: “Hey! Stop doing that!” Startled, I turned to see an unfamiliar female face. She didn’t look like an authority but could have easily been something worse, one of those over-eager, civic minded, “but teacher, you forgot to give us homework” volunteer hall monitor types that I’ve run into from time to time. These people may seem like they’re motivated by some sense of duty to keeping the streets clean but really it’s just another way for these people to scream: “YOU DAMN KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!” An excuse to expel what they perceive as righteous anger. Luckily after a moment she laughed, which signaled that she was kidding. Moments later she was met by a friend of mine, the artist Snyder. The woman introduced herself, it was Random Act, an artist in the city that paints beautiful flowers that are quite striking. We chatted for a moment and then I skidattled (never one to linger at a spot too long). It was nice to meet another street artist that I admire, even if she did give me a scare.

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